A Lesson In Fragility – Pysanka Wisdom

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“Lately the world has felt fragile, like a blown egg, as if it might shatter beneath a careless touch” – Kim Edwards

So sadly last night this happened. I was careless and broke it right before it’s last dye bath. But it was a good reminder that even though things or people, communities and countries can present themselves as having a hard outer shell – we are all still fragile, tender, vulnerable under too strong a hand – and that care and careful consideration should be taken with what is precious. An egg being a symbol of life – life, the most precious thing we have.

So, I restarted this design on a new egg, took my time to build it back, with a steadier more gentle hand than I used on this one – more refined, with lessons learned and a deeper appreciation for the strength in it’s vulnerability.Slava Ukraini.