Help Support Pysanky Writers In Ukraine

Today I was able to connect with some pysanky writers and teacher who are in Western Ukraine in the cities of Lutsk, Khmelnytsky and Kosiv. Thankfully at this time they are safe, but have mentioned the influx or refugees to their area, and additionally, all of them mentioned the inability to acquire pysanky making supplies. While I am trying to gather up some quickly to send over in an effort to get them there before Easter – I feel there is a greater opportunity to support these artists. While the ongoing humanitarian efforts here to get much needed medical supplies to Ukraine – I also feel that it is important to help support the cultural preservation efforts and practices that support mental health and well being as well – the writing of pysanky falls into both categories.

A note from Vira Borys in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast – She is one of the artists we have been able to connect with, and working to get pysanky supplies to.

Good afternoon. My name is Vira Borys, I live in the small town of Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kosiv district. I could not tell the network that the number of refugees in our city is already greater than its population .Many people have lost their homes and I think they will stay with us for a long time. We aim to provide psychological help with Easter eggs to war-torn children and adults. If you can help us with this, we will be very happy!

Доброго дня.Мене звати Віра Борис,я живу в маленькому місті Косів,Івано-франківська обл.,Косівський район,вул. не могла розказати у мережі що кількість біженців у нашому місті вже більша, ніж кількість його населення.Багато людей втратили свої будинки і я думаю,що вони затримаються у нас надовго.Ми маємо за ціль надавати допомогу психологічну за допомогою писанки скривдженим війною дітям та дорослим.Якщо ви зможете нам у цьому допомогти,ми будемо дуже раді!

We will need your assistance for a larger scale efforts of being able to purchase and ship supplies – So I am asking all pysanky writers of the world (and non-pysanky writers who just want to help) unite! Please donate what you can to the fundraise that has been set up through Better World. For this initial push – I am hoping to raise $5,000. Upon reaching the goal, I will be purchasing kistka, dyes, beeswax and candles to ship over to the three artists I have been able to get in touch with. If there are any personal notes, you would like to send over as well – please include them and I will also be happy to include a list of those who supported this cause along with the supplies as well. If you have any questions – please feel free to email me at [email protected]