Donate A Pysanka

We can’t reach our goal of of creating and collection 1,000,000 pysanky without your help!

If you are a seasoned pysanka writer or someone who is interested in learning and wanting to find a way to help express your feelings regarding the unfolding situation in Ukraine – we hope that you will contribute a pysanka for sponsorship.

It is our goal that this project offers a means of not only being able to benefit organizations working on humanitarian efforts, but to also to exhibit the psyanka collected for exhibition to bring further awareness to this unique cultural tradition of Ukraine and the thoughts of the world that are united towards peace on Ukrainian soil.

Your contribution will be photographed and added to the gallery and our Instagram page with your name and any message you would like to leave for the people of Ukraine. Additionally, a catalogue will be created for the contributions that would accompany any exhibition to ensure that your contribution is recognized. You will also be updated on who has sponsored your pysanka – as we hope this project also instills a sense of connection and community.

If you would like to submit a pysanka to the Pysanky For Peace Project please submit the following :

Your Name

Your City, State/Province, Country

Your Email

A short message to the people of Ukraine


To help insure that you pysanka arrives safely – we recommend gently wrapping your pysanka in bubble wrap and placing in a small box, filling the rest with packing peanuts or other shock absorbing material. Then, in a larger box, place packing peanuts or other material in the bottom of the box, place the smaller box inside and fill the remaining larger box with packing peanuts or other material – you are essentially creating a “shock absorber” for your pysanka. Also be sure to lable the box EXTREMELY FRAGILE and advise your shipping carrier that the package is fragile as they often add their own lables to indicate that as well.

Send your pysanky and above information to :
If you are shipping via USPS or Postal Service :

The Pysanky For Peace Project


Round Lake, NY 12151 USA

If you are shipping via FedEX, UPS or DHL :

Pysanky For Peace Project

32 Covel Ave


Round Lake, NY 12151 USA