Pysanky For Peace

My name is Sarah Pezdek-Bachinger – I am a Ukrainian-American, a third generation descendant of Ukrainian immigrants. This project was born out of the need to do something to help the people of Ukraine as they confront war on their soil, the land of my family, culture and heritage. I could not just sit back and be a spectator.

My Baba Julia first taught me how to make pysanka when I was a young girl. The art of pysanky writing has hung with me all these years, a tradition I typically only practice around Easter time, and one I have passed down to my children. After learning about the stories and superstitions behind pysanky – I felt inspired to harness the ritual and intentions of this Ukrainian art form to move beyond and Easter tradition and as a means of bringing awareness to Ukrainian culture, foster community and to find a way that I can help to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The Pysanky For Peace Project is working to raise funds to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Pysanky are part of the cultural identity of the Ukrainian People, dating back to ancient times. Please explore this site to learn more about our mission, the history and meaning of pysanky and how you can help. 100% of donations through the Sponsor A Pysanky initiative or exhibitions will be donated to RAZOM for Ukraine. You can learn more about their work HERE.

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