We are thankful to have opportunities to share not only the Pysanky For Peace Project with various media outlets – but also the history, heritage, culture, stories and techniques of pysanky making. Here are some of the articles that have featured the Pysanky For Peace Project. If you are a member of the press and would like to set up an interview or have questions, please use our contact form – or email us at [email protected] with your inquiry. Thank you and Slava Ukraini!

Smithsonian Magazine – 04.29.22

NBC Nightly News – 04.17.22

Reise Vergnüegen – 04.17.22

People Magazine – 04.16.22

YAHOO News – 04.16.22

CBS Evening News – 04.14.22

NPR – All Things Considered – 04.12.22

The Wall Street Journal – 04.12.22

The Boston Globe – 04.08.22

El Español – 04.02.22

The Salem News – 03.29.22

The Washington Post – 03.31.22

NY Folklore

The Manchester Cricket – Vol.134 No.45 – 04.01.22