Keep an eye on this page for a list of pysanky artists and their kind messages to Ukraine – who have donated a psyanka to the Pysanky For Peace Project. We thank all of those who have contributed their time and artistry to this project.

Pysanka No.Pysanky ArtistLocationMessage To Ukraine
No. 1Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USASlava Ukraini!
No. 2Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USASlava Ukraini!
No. 3Anasha CummingsTroy, NY USAHol szeret-ott bēke, Hol bēke-ott āldās, Bēke,szomzēdoh
No. 4Michelle RogatTroy, NY USAThere are people around the world that are rooting for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We are with you.
No. 5Kristoph DiMariaTroy, NY USAWe pray for peace. We stand with you.You are resilient. You are loved. We are in this together.
No. 6Bethany YarrowSchoharie, NY USASlava Ukraini!
No. 7Leo Matteo BachignerRound Lake, NY USA/AustriaMay you continue to find strength and resilience. Hoping that you find peace soon.
No. 8Corey AldrichTroy, NY USAWith love. Stay strong for your beliefs and freedom.
No. 9Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USASlava Ukraini!
No. 10Nina SchwartzmanTroy, NY USAMay you continue to find strength and resilience. Hoping that you find peace soon.
No. 11Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USAGlory To Ukraine! Glory To Her Heros!
No. 12Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USASlava Ukraini!
No. 13Leo Matteo BachingerRound Lake, NY USA?Austria
No. 14Stephanie TroyEstero, FL USAУкраїно ми з тобю !! (Ukraine we are with you!!)
No. 15Emily BlakelyMason, MI USASlava Ukraini!
No. 16Emily BlakelyMason, MI USA
No. 17Emily BlakelyMason, MI USA
No. 18Nolie WilsonPortland, OR USATo the People of Ukraine – For too long, too many of us hae forgotten how central interdependence + solidarity are for all of our survival, across the globe. I know that lesson well, as someone whose body does not produce valuable antibodies, either in response to vaccines – or to fight infections. The world is with you now, as we face together, the newest faceted face of war + crimes against humanity. Stand strong, you should not have had to be the first bulwark against nuclear war, but your bravery in doing so is the stuff of legends. Such sacrifices should never have to be asked or required, but when they are, all we can do is what we can. Stand strong, you deserve sovereignty + self determination. Together, i know we can make a better world.
No.1 9Beth PrystaukMurfreesboro, TN USATo the people of Ukraine – I say keep looking for the sun, it will shine again and stay strong and stand firm in your beliefs.
No. 20Alex FettingJamestown, ND USAUkraine you are not alone. You are supported and rallied by the world.
No. 21Alex FettigJamestown, ND USA
No. 22Alex FettigJamestown, ND USA
No. 23Alex FettigJamestown, ND USA
No. 24Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 25Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 26Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 27Rie GutinAlbany, NYThis is not a traditional pysanky to say the least, but I hope it carries the same message & beauty as one – a sieve to clear right from wrong, to protect the fragility of the medium with armor & to give those who experience this pysanky a moment of wonder – things we all need from time to time. I make these eggs when I am stressed, in an effort to remind myself to steady my hand, to breathe, and to do the impossible. I hope you and or whomever owns this is able to feel all those things as well. Be well.
No. 28Janet FurbeckSchenectady, NY USASending love, peace, strength and hope!
No. 29Nancy Katsaba KellyMuncy, PA USAI was born and raised in Kingston, PA in 1955. This was an area largely populated with immigrants from Eastern Europe. My parents were first generation Americans, as their parents were born in Ukraine near Lviv and Ternipol. I have been doing pysanky since I was in grade school. First ,starting with the drop-pull method (which my mom and sisters were experts at). Dont know how many pysanky I’ve made in my life, but I love writing them and giving them away. My Ukrainian heritage is very sacred to me, and my family! The egg I am sending you was done quite a few years ago, but I like it and hope you will too. God Bless Ukraine!
No. 30Jamie PowellSalt Lake City, UT USAMy great grandma came to Canada from Ukraine.. I am saddened to see what’s happening to this wonderful country. May the prayer written into this egg bring some semblance of Peace to Ukraine and her People. Slava Ukraini!
No. 31Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 32Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 33Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 34Avery BudnickSlingerlands, NY USAStay strong and hang in there. You will come out the other side of this stronger than ever.
No. 35Nina BadulakShoemakersville, PA USAHearts for me is my love for the Ukrainian people and your fight for freedom.
No. 36Krissy ShaefferShoemakersville, PA USABe brave; We support and are praying for you!
No. 37Helen BadulakShoemakersville, PA USAFight for freedom, liberty and Peace + Love
No. 38Erin O’BrienBuffalo, NY USA
No. 39Erin O’BrienBuffalo, NY USA
No. 40CM Casey KneippCheverly, MD USA
No. 41Renee StiglianoSharpsville, PA USAMy wish for all of Ukraine is Hope, Peace and Happiness. My pysanky “Abundance” – Flowers for beauty and love, Stars for sun and life, Sieves for separating good from evil, Triangles for the Holy Trinity. White for purity, Yellow for hospitality and happiness, Red for passion the sun and happiness in life, Orange for endurance and strength, Green for Spring, hope and new growth, Black : the darkest time before the dawn.
No. 42Bonnie DeprezAvon, NY USA
No. 43Christina DeutschWhitehall, PA USAPraying for peace for Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!
No. 44Christina DeutschWhitehall, PA USA
No. 45Christina DeutschWhitehall, PA USA
No. 46Nicky LowneyGroton, MA USAThis pysanka represents all the prayers I have for your people, that light, beauty and peace will reign again soon in your incredible country. Please know that you are in my heart everyday.
No. 47Gloria LuiStratford, CT USAWith love and prayers for the people of Ukraine – From Christ Church Stratford, CT
No.48Jill KuzmichStratford, CT USAWith love and prayers for the people of Ukraine – From Christ Church Stratford, CT
No. 49Rebecca ArkenbergStratford, CT USAWith love and prayers for the people of Ukraine – From Christ Church Stratford, CT
No. 50Gail RothStratford, CT USAWith love and prayers for the people of Ukraine – From Christ Church Stratford, CT
No. 51Cheryl KrugerBismark, ND USAMay God bless the people of Ukraine!
No. 52Lori Radcliff-WoodsKing Ferry, NY USAEach day I pray for peace for Ukraine. It hurts my heart to know the Ukrainian people are going through such a difficult and dangerous time at no fault of their own. With each pysanka I write, I do it in meditation and prayer for the safety of all Ukrainians. God Bless.
No. 53Emily MartinAnderson Island, WA USASending hope and love
No. 54Jennifer RymarukAmsterdam, NY USAOne day soon we’ll have coffee in Kyiv
No. 55Jennifer RymarukAmsterdam, NY USA
No. 56Andrea FortHagaman, NY USAMнога літа! my dear Ukraine. You have always been and you will always be.
No. 57Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 58Sarah BachingerRound Lake, NY USA
No. 59Hazel JoklPittsford, NY USAI hope that this egg and all of the others will help you keep hopeful and strong through these hard times.
No. 60Heather CastleDover, NH USASlava Ukraini!
No. 61Margaret PigmanBerkley, CA USA
No. 62Margaret PigmanBerkley, CA USA
No. 63Margaret PigmanBerkley, CA USA
No. 64Claire MatthewsFairbanks, AK USA
No. 65Claire MatthewsFairbanks, AK USA
No. 66Claire MatthewsFairbanks, AK USA
No. 67Debbie WensonWarren, MI USAPeace be with you . May the Lord bless you and keep you.
No. 68Debbie WensonWarren, MI USA
No. 69Christine LevyGreenwich, NY USA
No. 70Aileen G-PBelchertown, MA USA ( Original land of the Nipmuc and Pocumtuck Peoples)Sun and stars for life, fortune and growth. Curls for defense and protection, Pine needles for health, stamina and eternal youth, Flowers for love, Lattice for goddess of the sky. Colors of white, yellow, green and black. Yellow for harvest and moon and stars, blue for sky and good health, black for sacred other world and green for spring – resurrection and riches of nature. Peace to Ukraine, and may peace prevail over the world.
No. 71Julie WagnerColumbus, IN USAWe are all standing with you