Pysanka Supplies & Resources

Below is a list of resources for pysanka supplies and some tips and tricks on what you can use from home and nature to create pysanka at home for the Pysanky For Peace Project.

Pysanka Supplies : Online Retailers

Ukrainian Egg Supplies – if you are hosting a Pysanky For Peace party and ordering supplies, please include your Pysanky For Peace event in the comments during check out and they will send you a complimentary Easy Egg Blower in support of your event !

Best Pysanky

Ukrainian Gift Shop

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

NeW York

TROY, NYRomation Jewelers (call before, as they have a limited supply of dye and kistka)

Homemade Supplies

You can start making pysanky with supplies you have at home! Below is a list of materials that you can use to write & dye your pysanky from materials you may already have.

Pencil and flat headed metal pin (the metal pin can be pushed into the eraser – these are great rom drop pull designs

For natural dye :