Pysanky For Peace Project Featured In Smithsonian Magazine

Beyond grateful that the Pysanky For Peace Project has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine – currently the article is on the site’s homepage – and you can read the article online here : Traditionally Dyed Eggs Spring Into Action for Ukraine

Truly thankful for this opportunity amongst all of the others, as I am hoping that as this project continues to evolve, it helps to provide more opportunities to artists who are keeping these cultural traditions alive, sharing this knowledge and bringing to light the deep and rich traditions and skills sets that are required for mastering this art form. From my perspective – folk are is fine art – and that is a message I will continue to share throughout the evolution of this project.

Congratulations to the pysanky artists as well who have submitted pysanky to the collection and have their eggs featured in the photo for the article! Pysanky in the images are by : Nolie Wilson, Jamie Powell, Krissy Shaeffer, Janet Furbeck, Stephanie Troy, Nancy Katsaba Kelly, Helen Badulak, Emily Blakely – you can also view them in detail in the collection gallery.