Pysanky For Peace Project

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It is said that the Hutzuls–Ukrainians who live in the Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine–believe that the fate of the world depends upon the pysanka.

As long as the egg decorating custom continues, the world will exist. If, for any reason, this custom is abandoned, evil will overrun the world. If the number of pysanky created each year is low the chains of evil are loosened and evil is free to wander the earth causing havoc and destruction. If, on the other hand, the number of pysanky has increased, the chains of evil are tightened and good triumphs over evil for yet another year.

Though pysanka are typically made at Easter time, it is with this folk-tale in mind, and the unfolding atrocities happening in Ukraine with the current Russian invasion – the Pysanky for Peace Project came to be.

We aim to create and collect 100,000 pysanky for the purpose of raising funds to help the ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, and to bring awareness and share this important cultural tradition of the Ukrainian People.

We are currently working to gather partners who would be interested in donating goods and to exhibit the work of contributing pysanky artists/writers and eventually, we would like to see pysanky from this project delivered to the people of Ukraine after peace finds it’s way back to our homeland.

There are many ways that you can help and participate – such as “Sponsor a Pysanka”, setting up your own Pysanky Party, donating goods, donating funds directly to the organizations we are working to support or simply bringing awareness to this project. Please browse our website to learn more and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, material donations and offers.

We hope that this collective effort to foster and share our cultural traditions and raise funds for the ongoing humanitarian efforts will help to bring peace back to Ukraine and it’s people.