Keep an eye on this page for a list of the kind folks who have Sponsored A Pysanky, hosted or participated in a Pysanky For Peace Workshop or have donated directly to the organizations we are working to support – your contributions to humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine are greatly appreciated.

Nicky LowneySponsorGroton, MA$200RAZOMGod bless the people of Ukraine!
AngelaSponsorPennsylvania$20RAZOMYou are strong
Lori DeckerSponsor$500RAZOM
Wenham Museum – Patron DonationsWorkshops + Patron DonationsWenham, MA USA$750RAZOM
Kate LindblomSponsorTarpon Springs, FL USA$38RAZOMSupporting the citizens of Ukraine from Florida! Peace and love to you. ❤️
Harold H FainSponsorFort Worth, TX USA$300RAZOMI love pysanky and have written many in the past.
Peace through victory!
Slava Ukraini!
Kat MessingSponsorNorth Hollywood, CA USA$75RAZOMUkraine has inspired so many people by persevering in more horrific conditions of brutality than most of us can imagine. Thank you for your unwavering spirit of hope and endurance. My heart goes out to your people and I hope your country finds peace again soon.
Adrienne MartinezSponsorSan Francisco, CA USA$15RAZOMSending warmth, love and light to carry you through.
Annunciation Greek Orthodox ChurchWorkshopKalamazoo, MI USA$530RAZOMMembers of our church and community  stand with those in Ukraine and continue to send prayers for peace and an end to suffering”
Janet EdwardsSponsorAtlanta, GA USA$25RAZOMMay the Ukrainian people be surrounded by peace and healing.
Anne Gomez SterrettSponsorAustin, TX USA$25RAZOMPraying for peace and healing from Texas
JuliAnn GoronkinDonationSaratoga Springs, NY USA$100RAZOM Sending much love and hope for peace to return to your beautiful country.
Sarah BachingerSponsorRound Lake, NY USA$100RAZOMSlava Ukraini!
Bethany YarrowWorkshopSchohrie, NY USA$100RAZOMSlava Ukraini!
Janet FurbeckWorkshop
Schenectady, NY USA$100Albany : UACCSending Peace, strength and hope – I am sorry, my heart breaks with yours.
Anouk BoonemanWorkshop HostRexford, NY USA$850Albany : UACC
Tara RainstromWorkshop HostTroy, NY USA$295Albany: UACC
John SenickDonationTroy, NY USA$100Albany : UACCTo provide aid to the victims of Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. Слава Україні!
Susan DuBoisSponsorAlbany, NY USA$100RAZOMI hope that the invaders will withdraw from your country and that peace will return very soon.
Vivian HarrisSponsorNorth Haven, CT USA$50RAZOMWe feel so helpless and pray everyday that a ceasefire can happen. You are a very brave and inspiring people.
Rev. Marion KanourSponsorNelson County, VA USA$100RAZOMThe people of Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Batesville, Virginia, USA are praying for you and your resilience. We pray you will have the strength to persevere and to keep faith, hope and love alive within your hearts and minds. May your children’s children live to tell the story of all you now endure. A light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. You are the light. Slava Ukraini!
Ronne MarantzSponsorAnnandale, NJ USA$100RAZOMOur hearts are with you. We are One.
Andrew and Jerri FalkSponsorMaryland, USA$100RAZOMWe hope for a speedy end to this senseless war, and for peace for the Ukrainian people.
Stacie MurraySponsorIllinois USA$40RZOMI come from the Pysanky for Peace Project. I pray for Ukraine daily. I pray that God will restore peace and bring glory to the strong, beautiful people of Ukraine.
Andrew WensonSponsorWarren, MI$20RAZOMPeace.
Nadia StachowiczSponsorAlbany, NY USA$20RAZOMNumber 4 caught my eye bc of the colors, mountains, beauty and tension.
Number 42 reminds me of my Mothers basket covering; as a little girl I loved to run my fingers over the beautiful embroidery, and today as a Mom I use the same covering for my own basket.
Anon.SponsorBinghampton, NY USA$40RAZOMAs part of the Pysanky for Peace program, I am sending the people of Ukraine our loving support and hope for a true and abiding peace. We admire your bravery — our hearts are with you
Anon.SponsorPlymouth, WI USA$100RAZOMPeace to Ukraine
Kelsey OlukWorkshop HostLos Angeles, CA USA$425RAZOM
Tracey BuyceDonationSaratoga Springs, NY USA$50RAZOM
Alexandra EchavarriaSponsorAlberqueque, NM USA$25RAZOMPraying for peace in your country and victory over evil!
Denise HintonSponsorHealdsberg, CA USA$100RAZOMSending love and hope for peace – your friend in America
Loretta Hurley & Alan SchlossbergSonsorPittsburg, PA USA$100RAZOMDear People of Ukraine,
We are with you in spirit and prayers.
Stay strong.
Loretta & Alan
Dorothy NelsonSponsorNew Orleans, LA USA$500RAZOMMay your love of country and bravery lead to peace and territorial integrity for all Ukrainians.
– Gratitude to the Pysanky For Peace Project
Anon.SponsorWashington, DC USA$50RAZOMIn hopes of peace, Slava Ukraini.
Anon.SponsorTroy, NY USA$100RAZOM

You are in our thoughts and prayers

 Janice Wereszczak
SponsorChapel Hill, NC USA$100RAZOMMy heart goes out to you
Anna LozynskaWorkshop HostNiskayune, NY USA$400518 Ukrainians
Tara RainstromWorkshop HostTroy, NY USA$50518 Ukrainians
BregmannsSponsorCorinth, TX USA$50RAZOMHope in traditions. Pysanky For Peace Project
Jill FitzgeraldSponsorOrefiled, PA USA$25RAZOMPraying for peace and healing
Adrienne FreemanSponsorSanta Cruz, CA USA$60RAZOMPeace and love.
Anon.SponsorAllentown, PA USA$50RAZOMPysanky For Peace
Christina LowmanSponsorPhiladelphia, PA USA$100RAZOMPeace.
Shana McGinnisSponsorNewton, KS USA$10RAZOMStanding with all the people and animals of Ukraine. Praying for a speedy end to this atrocious war on innocent lives. We love you! Shana
Autumn StarrSponsorBaldwinsville USA$100RAZOMWe love you. I wish I could take up arms against these monsters. This is what I can do…
Barbara MillerSponsorPortland, OR USA$30RAZOMWe are with you!
Ross FamilySponsorIowa City, IA USA$100RAZOMWe grieve for you. May our pennies, our hope, and our prayers reach you.
Sharon AndersonSponsorGreat Falls, MT USA$25RAZOM I pray for peace and safety for all in Ukraine. The strength and courage of the Ukrainian people moves me.
Molly Page & FriendsSponsorLos Angeles, CA USA$300RAZOMPeace on Earth Peace in Ukraine
Nicole Robin KarrerSponsorCamerillo, CA USA$25RAZOMPraying for the war to end, like myself we are here to help you rebuild. Stay Brave
Anne CadretteSponsorUSA$25RAZOMIn memory of my dear friend, Pauline. We are with you.
Steven PowersSponsorBig Stone Gap, VA USA$30RAZOMI hope this pysanky will bring a ray of joy and hope in this terrible aggression that has come to your beautiful nation God bless the brave and heroic people of Ukraine!
Christiane HubbardSponsorLivingston, MT USA$100RAZOMPraying for peace in Ukraine and for the wellbeing of the Ukrainian people.
The GuthriesSponsrTexas, USA$200RAZOMYour perseverance is inspiring though it shouldn’t have to be put to such a test. We send love to you and your children and the Future of the Ukrainian people. Stay Strong.
Mary Ellen BarberSponsorDes Moines, IA USA$50Razom I pray every day for victory for Ukraine and for peace and safety for Ukrainians
Lola MenendezSponsorPuerto Rico$25RAZOMGod bless you. Slava ucrania!
Natasha LazutinSponsorColorado, USA$25RAZOMSave my father’s home!
Pamla KuklaSponsorNorth Dakota, USA$100RAZOMOur hearts and prayers to you all.
Lynn MadiganSponsorUSA$25RAZOMThe world is with you and sending love, peace, strength and a future we will help you build. My heart breaks for Ukraine.
Constance ZimmerSponsorLos Angeles, CA USA$100RAZOM Your strength is inspiring the entire world!
Linsey RoweSponsorHemel Hempstead, UK£50RAZOM Instead of Easter gifts for my team this year, we have sponsored a Pysanky for each team member, to show our support and love for the people of Ukraine.
On behalf of Lindsey, Jas, Lyn, Georgie, Jenny, Max, Olga, Zachary, Simon, Mandy, Bruce xx
Anon. With Ukrainian AncestorsSponsorNew England, USA$100RAZOMYou are not alone. We send you love and strength for the cause. Your honor and bravery is an inspiration to act the same. Prayers for swiftly returning global human sanity and peace.
Catherine CakeSponsorGainesville, FL USA$50RAZOMThe people of Ukraine are in my prayers!
Madeleine ArancibiaSponsorLittle Rock, AR USA$20RAZOMPeace to Ukraine. Ukraine has inspired the world!
Amanda KrupaSponsorLake Worth, FL USA$50RAZOMMy heart is breaking for you, beautiful people of Ukraine. I pray constantly for you.  You are so strong and so brave.  Good WILL prevail over this evil.  But how long and how many lives will it take? Sending much love and many prayers.
David and Kathy CraneSponsorWest Valley City, Utah, USA$50RAZOMOur hearts are broken by the evil that invades and destroys your homeland. May God Bless all of you, protect you and make you victorious! Down with Putin!
GwenSponsorUpstate, NY USA$50RAZOM❤️
Sue TanidaSponsorCalifornia, USA$50RAZOMI pray for strength, for safety, for healing. I pray for the war to stop. I pray for the terrified, the grief-stricken, the wounded, the dead and dying. I pray for the families separated, for those who have lost homes, possessions, homes. I pray for all of you who have been violated by the invasion. I pray for you all, and I pray for the world. I pray for goodness and light and beauty, for love and peace and joy, and for all Ukrainians to be free to know these again.
VASponsorUSA$50RAZOM❤️ 🇺🇦
Mary Beth BronkSponsorSkaneateles, NY$50RAZOMThe depth of this war is far reaching inside and outside of your borders. May the sun shine upon your people and a miracle present herself as peace.
Rod MarquardtSponsorFlagstaff, AZ USA$50RAZOMMy prayers for the Ukraniaan people; May peace soon come to you and your country.
Krystal SalmansSponsorCalifornia, USA$5RAZOMThe greatest gift of Easter is hope.
RyanSponsorDenver, CO USA$10RAZOMFor peace
BobSponsorApple Valley, MN$10RAZOMFor Peace
TomSponsorEagan, MN USA$10RAZOMFor Peace.
JulieSponsorApple Valley, MN USA$10RAZOMFor Peace.
Leah ReaSponsorDenver, CO USA$10RAZOMFor Peace.
Samantha F.SponsorSt. Louis Park, MN USA$10RAZOMTodo lo que pidas con Fe en oracion se te dara.
Mona DalySponsor Loleta, CA$50RAZOM I wish I could do more.
Henry L Harrell IIISponsorNashville, TN, USA$50RAZOMPraying for peace in Ukraine
Lynn F.SponsorSt. Louis Park, MN USA$10RAZOMMay God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you, and may our blessed Mother Mary intercede for you.
John F.SponsorSt. Louis Park, MN USA$10RAZOMFor Peace.
Sally WadeSponsorSalt Lake City, UT USA$150RAZOMPeace and love to all Ukrainians. We are here for you and will always be here for you. Your strength is inspiring.
Katie MannixSponsorPymouth, MA USA$100RAZOMWishing for peace, health, security, and hope for all Ukrainians.
Pamela KalinowskiSpnsorDenver, CO USA$50RAZOMPysanky is a huge part of my family history and a meaningful connection to my Ukranian ancestors. My heart goes out not just to pysanky artists, but all Ukranians. I hope peace comes soon.
Birgit CobbSponsorLoveland, CO USA$30RAZOMOur family stands with you.
Ross FamilySponsorIowa City, IA USA$100RAZOMOur hearts are with you. Wishing you strength, bravery, safety and freedom.
Justine JusonSponsorSan Franscisco, CA USA$100RAZOMKeeping you in our hearts and sending wishes of peace, resilience and renewal.
Valerie Stein-RetizSponsorAshland, OR USA$25RAZOMDear citizens of Ukraine,
Your bravery and sacrifices are an inspiration. We are all in this together and your peace is our peace. May love and kindness prevail over hate an evil!
“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”
— Theodore Roosevelt
Paulina ManzoSponsorUSA$25RAZOMHeard about Pysanky for Peace project on NPR. Wish there was more I could do to help.
Kirsten MarrsSponsorTennessee, USA$30RAZOM Peace for Ukraine. Our love goes to you.
Kehaulani LumSponsor‘Aiea, Hawai’i USA$20RAZOMAloha Ukraine! On this Easter morning, we send you our deepest love and prayers for peace. Me ka Maluhia no me ‘oe. May peace be with you. 💙🙏🏽🌈
Karla BoothSponsorBrooklyn, NY USA$100RAZOMUkrainians are the light illuminating the whole world
Wendy DaviesSponorEdmonton, Alberta, Canada$20RAZOMUkraine is your country and no one should be allowed to take it from you.
May your valiant spirit continue to thrive.
May Peace soon be with Ukraine and may it remain forever!
Virginia TallentSponsorCincinnati, OH USA$25RAZOMSending blessings and standing in solidarity.
Edi-Carmel TerradoSponsorNew York, NY USA$10RAZOMSolace for Ukraine
Wendy DaviesSponsorEdmonton, Alberta, Canada$20RAZOMUkraine is your country and NOBODY should try to take it from you!
May your valiant spirit as a people contine to shine.
Peace to you and all of Ukraine forever more!
Anon.SponsorModesto, California$50RAZOM Praying that freedom, peace, and justice for Ukraine and it’s people prevail.
Coco RouchellSponsorNew Orleans, LA USA$100RAZOMStay strong!
TrinaSponsorKansas, USA$20RAZOMSeeing the sunflowers in Kansas is a favorite time of the year for me. They are a constant reminder to keep your eyes heavenward and to turn to one another and support one another in dark times. These are certainly dark times, and I fervently hope you can feel the support from those near and far even as I hope we can do more to end the suffering and atrocities until you can once again feel the sun shine in peace.
Ruth GimbleSponsorNew Jersey, USA$20RAZOMPrayers for Ukraine for freedom and peace.
Ellen Carol Jones and Morris BejaSponsorDublin, OH USA$20RAZOMOur hearts are with the people of Ukraine, whose bravery, endurance, and devotion to democracy and truth inspire us. May you forever be free.
John LongestSponsorNewton, VA USA$100RAZOMGod bless Ukraine. Keep strong.
Beth ChmielewskiSponsorCT, USA$15RAZOMPraying for peace in Ukraine
Sharon and John DeitsSponsorOregon, USA$50RAZOMWe are with you!
Slava Ukrani!
John PetersonSponsorBakersfield, CA USA$100RAZOMPysanky for Peace. With love for the people of Ukraine.
Ziegler FamilySponsorSouthern, CA USA$25RAZOMFrom Southern California – We wish the people of Ukraine and the World… Love, Peace and Happiness.
Nancy BrownSponsorAlpine, UT USA$40RAZOM<3 Sending love and peace and happiness from Utah. Our family has 3 girls and we hope that your family is safe too. We pray that you will be protected. We hope that the war can end quickly and you will be safe.
Sadie, Mabel and Millie
Dominic SaetherSponsorChocowinity, NC USA$100RAZOMMy grandfather was Ukrainian and as a child I would visit the Orthodox Church to learn the alphabet and language as well as how to paint eggs. I wish for freedom for the Ukrainian people, freedom for those with whom I am connected.
Holly CukierSponsorSunrise, Florida USA$100RAZOMPeace for Ukraine 🇺🇦
Kate CartwrightSponsorVermont, USA$50RAZOMMay there be peace, may you be safe.
Chelsea D’AngonaSponsorUSA$50RAZOMThank you! You inspire the world with your resolve, your ingenuity, and your courage. You are loved. This Easter, we are sending you hope for a brighter tomorrow. Stay strong!
 Maggie GreenwaldSponsorWest Orange, NJ$100RAZOMPeace for Ukraine
Susan O.SponsorNorth Carolina, USA$20RAZOMPraying for PEACE
Kaitlin MinvielleSponsorBritish Columbia, Canada$30RAZOMThere are a million things I wish I could say to you. But I will keep it brief. You are strong. You are fierce. You are loved and you are supported by the world. Though we are far away, we are there with you. When you take back your country, we will be with you. When you rebuild, we will be with you. Love and support, always. Long live a free Ukraine 🇺🇦
Anon.SponsorBay Area, CA USA$100RAZOMSo sorry for the suffering and injustices, may peace come soon
Natalie DenzlerSponsorDuluth, MN USA$60RAZOMStay Strong
Karen NelsonSponsorMaple Valley, WA USA$50RAZOMMy mother was Ukrainian and taught me how to make pysanky growing up in California. I am grateful to sponsor and to cherish the culture I was given. God bless you!
Nancy EdwardsSponsorColorado, USA$100RAZOMYour strength and desire for freedom United the world
Joe KanSponsorToronto, Canada$100RAZOM#armukraine
Anon.SponsorSaratoga Springs, NY USA$50RAZOMSlava Ukraini
Caitrin O’SheaSponsorOgden, UT USA$50RAZOMStay strong, the world is with you. Slava Ukraini!!
Sarah RojasSponsorCalifornia, USA$30RAZOMPysanky For Peace Project. I met a lovely Ukrainian family on a flight from Mexico city to Tijiana on their way from Ukraine by way of Budapest and Spain. I would like to sponsor in their honor.
Catherine Z. (Wasilkiw) ChapmanSponsorPittsfield, MA USA$30RAZOMMy family came from Poltava and Lviv. I’m a 2nd-generation Ukrainian-American, watching the unprovoked war in Ukraine with an aching heart. Slava Ukraini! (I send thanks to the Pysanky For Peace Project.)
Friends at UkrainianEggSupplies.etsy.comSponsorUSA$100RAZOMEach pysanka we make is a prayer for peace, freedom, and healing for all who are touched by war.
Anon.SponsorSaratoga Springs, NY USA$50RAZOMSlava Ukraini
Don FinchSponsorNatrona Heights, PA USA$25RAZOMRussians burn in Hell!
A.W.SponsorCalifornia, USA$50RAZOM From the Pysanky For Peace Project: Sending all our love and support for a free and peaceful Ukraine.
Deborah WensonSponsorWaren, MI USA$50RAZOMPeace for the Ukraine!! God Bless!
Karen BerrieSponsorOcean View, DE USA$50RAZOMMy grandfather was born in Kiev and we wish a speedy end to all this turmoil and the warmest regards to the Ukrainian people.
Carrianne ScheibSponsorChicago, IL USA$75RAZOMWe are with you! Slava Ukraini!
Mike OkermanSponsorHo Chi Minh City. Vietnam$100RAZOMBE STRONG STAY FREE
Susan FraserSponsorBozeman, MT USA$50RAZOMMay this pysanky help you rebuild your home more quickly!
Jacqueline Kotowski-LeeSponsorDelaware, USA$10RAZOMI stand United with Ukraine! I pray for an end to the war with Ukraine victorious. May your country be Blessed with a speedy recovery and rebuilding. God Bless Ukraine!! Much peace and love to all of Ukraine.
Nancy Glidden-WhiteSponsorSeattle, WA USA$100RAZOMPraying for safety for all your people