Sponsors + Partners

Keep an eye on this page for sponsors and partners who have donated goods, exhibition space and other kind contributions to the Pysanky For Peace Project.

We are currently looking for donations of the following items*.

Pysanky Making Supplies : kistka, dyes, beeswax

Egg Storage containers – Foam Egg Shippers, with top/bottom panels



Ukrainian Egg Supplies

Emily at Ukrainian Egg Supplies has generously donated a complimentary Easy Egg Blower to those hosting a Pysanky For Peace party if you are ordering supplies thorough her shop for your party. Please mention your Pysanky For Peace event in the comments at checkout to receive your egg blower. Thank you Emily for supporting our project!

*Please note, that currently the Pysanky For Peace Project is not set up as a non-profit – monetary donations will be set up to be accepted directly to partner organizations working on humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Goods donated to the Pysanky For Peace Project will be used strictly for this project with the purpose of supporting parter organizations and promoting the culture, traditions and art of Ukraine through exhibition of work submitted to this project, in addition to events, education and community building opportunties.